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Food-Shaped Stands; Elephants Graveyard; Flagship
Airdate: Thursday - August 19, 1965

WOR Show

Show Description
The Flagship on Route 22 in Union, NJ is empty and for sale or rent. Shep wonders what kind of a pad it would make. He imagines inviding Mr. Leder there. Gasoline Alley and the Corky doll that Aunt Glenn gave him when he was 6 Indelible pencils, golf ball centers, swallowing gum, quicksand and other kid myths. Shep describes various food stands he's encountered. One shaped like a DC-3, one shaped like a giant hot dog serving foot long Colombian hot dogs. The elephant graveyard myth - Shep finds a book in the basement about them that the old man has stashed.
Speaking of Old Grandad - this is WOR AM and FM in New York
Happiness Chinese Restaurant
Miller Beer
Shiek of Araby (1)
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Jim Clavin
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