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Be careful of the live wires! / VD Film, Trooptrain Ernie, Army Glasses
Airdate: Saturday - July 10, 1965

Limelight Show
Original Airing

Show Description
1st Hour Shep tells the story of being a kid in Indiana one summer night, when lightning strikes the house and wipes out his ham radio and half the house, despite his mother's warnings to "Be Careful of Live Wires!" He concludes the hour with the time that he and Flick, Schwartz, and Bruner steal enough lumber from a construction site to build a 7 room cape cod in the woods behind Flick's house. Of course they get caught in the act and escape after "9 hours" of pursuit. 2nd Hour VD Film Trooptrain Ernie Army Glasses
Live at the Limelight
Not Determined yet
None Listed
Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
Date: -
Rating: Not Rated
Related Plots and Story Lines Used
Airdate History ' - Original' date is earliest known broadcast)
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