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Shep For Mayor; Aunt Min's Surprise
Airdate: Thursday - June 10, 1965

WOR Show

Show Description
"I think I may run for Mayor" "What a fantasic Mayor I'd make" Claims his literary inspiration for writing is "Ragedy Ann and Raggedy Andy and The Camel With The Wrinkled Knees" Shep tells about the time Aunt Min takes him to see "The Student Prince". She tells him they are going to see a show and right away he thinks she's taken him to see King Kong. She tells Shep that they are going to see "The Student Prince" which he didn't realize was a live show and not a movie. It was as bad as Miss Shields singing at a PTA meeting. He also discusses H.L. Menken, "The Snake People", and Sunday School. He claims he will tell the story of "The Great Cod Liver Oil Riot" on a future Limelight show along with 'the time I broke the lamp'.
Speaking of sad part.. This is WOR AM and FM New Yorky
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Jim Clavin
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  Lee Rotter
  Goldindex 74387 The Jean Shepherd Show. June 10, 1965. WOR, New York. Participating sponsors. Shepherd announces his candidacy for mayor on the "Sensitvity Ticket." The story of Aunt Min's surprise, tickets to "The Student Prince." Part of the closing theme has been deleted. Jean Shepherd. 43:53. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.
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