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Playing Baseball for United Brethren
Airdate: Friday - June 4, 1965

WOR Show

Show Description
Shep starts the show testing out his Jews Harp and Kazoo, playing 'Beautiful Dreamer' on the Jews Harp and Shiek of Araby on the Kazzoo. He also sings "After You've Gone" A brief discussion about 'gas bags' which he says he isn't because people people who are gas bags do not get anybody mad. He bases this on the number of complaints that WOR receives every hour. Radio announcers - Shep tells about an announcer he knew that had a free floating upper plate that sounded like castanets. Another annoucer he worked with couldn't pronounce the letter "W" and the station call letters were WLW. Another announcer he knew that brought his own microphone to work. The station mics were so cheap that everyone sounded like they were speaking through a kazzoo. Herb was clear as day and they soon learned that he had his own microphone that he would take out to do his show and then pack away at the end. Non-singers - Shep talks about 'non-singers' that he knew in stage shows he did. Ted Lewis and Al Jolson were non-singers, they never hit any notes! Polish weddings - The incredibly horrid case of the stuffed cabbage and Jeanette Dumbrowsky. Falling in and out of love with Polish girls. Going to Polish weddings and the fist fights that break out. This leads to fist fighting softball players. They practice swearing and fist fighting and getting hit in the gut. Playing baseball for United Brethren - The guys were 'hired' to play for the church - "There wasn't a Christian in the lot" Home games were at night and when the visitors were at bat the lights were set at 3/4 strength and when the home team batted they were at full strength.
Shep talks about playing baseball for United Brethren. In "Phantom of the Open Hearth" he is seen playing 3rd base for this team in a game against Immaculate Conception.
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  Lee Rotter
  Goldindex 74377 The Jean Shepherd Show. June 4, 1965. WOR, New York. Participating sponsors. Shep plays the Jew's Harp and sings, "The Shiek Of Araby." he remembers announcers he used to know in Toledo radio. He tells the story of Herb Smith, who carried his own microphone with him. Shepherd says he's going to tell the story of Jeanette Dombrowski, the stuffed cabbage and a Polish party (but never tells the story). Part of the closing theme has been deleted. Jean Shepherd, Lester Smith (announcer), Mason Adams (Ballantine Beer spot). 44:38. Audio condition: Excellent. Complete as above.
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