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Australia #2 - Back from Australian Trip,Thailand
Airdate: Tuesday - May 11, 1965

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The peculiar unreality of global travel. You begin to think the countires are props at the airport. What kind of view does the jey setter have of the countries he visits? Bangkok, Thailand - wanted to go to a restaulant where Thai people eat - not tourists. He tells about how many of the people there live on the water and that there are even boat taxis. River life in the Orient is incredible. It is a large part of their lifestyle. Japan has a large presence in Thailand. Cars are mostly Japanese, and different from the ones seen in the United States. There are Japanese soft drinks. Small motor scooters with ricshaw backs have replaced the traditional old ricshaws. They go to a small restaurant where the Thai people go to eat American food, but they order Thai food. They order soup - not so hot, and beef. The food arrives and is beautifully prepared. The first taste of the soup turns his friend's face a cold ice blue. Shep tastes it and it is the single most hot soup he ever had. The other food while hot was nothing after the soup. While sitting there eating a Thai band sets up on stage and begin to play "Pennies From Heaven". Shep reaches into his pocket, pulls out his Jews Harp and begins to play. They all wanted him to get on stage and play.
He mentions being back as if it's his first show since returning. Was the show from last night pre-recorded? (He had already done a Limelight Show on Saturday, May 8th regarding Australia.) The monetary denomination in Thailand is the Tical (Shep asks if anyone can guess.)
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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