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Army Taps, ASTP
Airdate: Tuesday - September 24, 1963

WOR Show

Last Update: 10-02-2016

First Line After Theme Ends
(singing) I'll be loving you... (Theme missing - may not be true 1st line) 
Show Description
Mystery man plays Taps on the Miami airport PA system The first time Shep realized he was in the ARMY & it wasn't a game The motivation of fear (Strums guitar throughout show)
September 24th may be incorrect date - Shep makes several references to it being Wednesday night during the first 3 minutes. Shep announces Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy starting Monday September 13th, then changes it to the 30th later. ASTP - Army Specialized Training Program
Speaking of wild scenes, this is WOR AM & FM New York
Peter Lind Hayes and Mary Healy
Stars and Stripes
The Okeh Laughing Record
Engineer and others in Booth
Walt, Ted
Not Rated
Summary By
Ken Applegate
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