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Infinite Radio Signals
Airdate: Thursday - April 15, 1965

WOR Show

Show Description
Shep opens plaing the Jews Harp. The theories of games - "At any given time people will play games about that of which there is least of in a society." The game of our time is love, according to April 12, 1965 New York Times Ad for a game called "Game of Love" MonoLOPy - The mis-spelling comes from when he was a kid. There are only 7 people in the world who pronounce it that way. As part of a Boy Scout Jamboree project, Gaiza Neiman decided to make an inlaid monopoly board. He finishes it and everyone is staring at it when Flick realizes Gaiza spelled Monopoly wrong - M O N O L O P Y. They decided to never say the name correctly again. Radio radiations - Shep talks about how radio signals theoretically travel through space forever. He discusses how a million years from now they could be listening to 'ol Shep way out in the far reaches of space. What was advertised on the back of all the Popular Electronics magazines? The 'blank' coil. (Tesla) One of his first experiments was with a automobile spark coil. He hooked a series of batteries to it and Whack!
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  Alan Kalish
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  Lee Rotter
  Goldindex 76028 The Jean Shepherd Show. April 15, 1965. WOR, New York. Participating sponsors. The theory of games. "The Game Of Love." The game of "Monolopy" (not a misspelling). Radio signals leaving the Earth for outer space. If you go out far enough, you can hear everything from Marconi on. Musing on intergalactic communications. A strange moment on the ham band. Jean Shepherd. 45:30. Audio condition: Very good to excellent. Complete.
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