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The Return of Roswell T. Edwards
Airdate: Wednesday - April 14, 1965

WOR Show
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First Line After Theme Ends
Jean, don't go, no, please stay, don't go. . . (Leight Brown pleading with Shep not to go to Austrailia)
Show Description
Shep opens playing "Chinatown" on the Jews Harp. He has just come from a going away party at Happiness, the Chinese Restaurant for his upcoming trip to Austrailia. See notes for countries visited along the way. Shep describes the itiniery for the trip and how he plans to record the sounds of the various countries, not interviews. He talks about how he will visit the Outback, so to the sheep country, fish in the Barrier Reefs for shark The shows will continue, John Gambling has recorded a whole series of "memorial time signal and weather report shows" A strange thing happened tonight. . . After the meal there was a question and answer period and someone asked about the people that Shep spoke about in his stories. Do they ever hear the stories. What about Aunt Theresa? Shep relates a story about how he recently saw his Aunt and told her that if he announced that Aunt Theresa would be standing on a particular corner in New York, all kinds of people would show up. As he was leaving, a man stands up and they recognize one another - Roswell T. Edwards from Shep's Army days was there. Shep tells about how Edwards was a real 'yardbird' in the Army, always organized and neat. He tells the story of the time that they were all set for inspection when Gassor comes in and announces that Edwards not only had his room clean, but was polishing the door knobs and the light fixture on the ceiling with a Blitz Cloth. Everyone hussles to do the same thing, and they all realize that their hands are green from the Blitz Cloth. It's too late to wash and everyone gets gigged for having green hands -except Edwards who got his weekend pass.
Leigh's plea for Shep to not go to Austrailia. She also did this prior to his going to the Amazon. Frankfurt, Germany Athens, Greece Cairo, Egypt Bangkok, Thailand Singapore Karachie, India Darwin, Austrailia Sidney, Austrailia
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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