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Dime Store Grab Bag
Airdate: Tuesday - March 26, 1963

WOR Show

Last Update: 01-28-2008

Show Description
"This is a dime store culture we live in." Shep discusses the people and atmosphere of the old dime stores such as Woolworth's. He sets out as a kid to buy a birthday gift for his father. He looks around in Woolworth's and almost buys a tie pin with a pheasant. He decides to ponder it for a while and heads for the toy department where he looks over the model airplanes. There was a big box marked "Grab Bag 25 cents". Considering this he decides to spend the quarter on one of the mysterious packages. After being asked by the cashier if he was sure he wanted it, he plops down the quarter and picks the biggest package there. He gets on the bus and get almost home. He gets off and goes to an empty lot where he can open it with nobody around. It turns out to be a Shirley Temple cutout book. He looks it over and heads back to Woolworth's. The woman behind the counter looks at him and asks if he wants his quarter back. He takes it and heads back out of the store and onto the bus. A lady on the bus asks his what's hanging on his elbow. When he looks he finds a blood red broach hanging on his sleeve. It must have hooked onto him while passing through the jewelry department. He takes it home and give it to his mother. His mother says why give it to me? It's your father's birthday. "Well I figured dad would prefer it if I would give you a present. The old man says "That is the best present you could have given me."
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