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Animals in Pants, Army for keeps
Airdate: Tuesday - August 21, 1962

WOR Show

Last Update: 01-19-2008

California law pending to force animals to wear pants Dorothy and Shep at the zoo The bathtub gin principle or the taboo creates the desire Amy Vanderbilt rides a bus to write a book on how to behave on a bus Piece from the Post by David Gilman on public transportation Kids section on life, war and a Bangalore Attack Calif. Law proposed that zoo animals wear pants, Takes Dorothy to zoo, sad laws, Amy Vanderbilt rides bus to write bus courtesy etiquette, Army for Keeps. Orientation Film-German attack, Carl Zinmetster, Nash, Gone, On our way camp in fla.
Speaking of sadness this is WOR, AM & FM New York
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The Okeh Laughing Record
Engineer and others in Booth
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Summary By
Ken Applegate
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