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Yukon Poetry - Robert W. Service
Airdate: Friday - January 15, 1965

WOR Show

Show Description
Shep starts out this show in one of his silly moods, taking up nearly the first ten minutes riffing to "Trouble in Mind", "After You're Gone" and other jazz and blues ditties over honky-tonk piano recordings, even adding a little rare acapella. This is a winter show. "New Yorkers fear cold weather," Shep says, but "I love it." Shep reads some of his favorite "rotten cold-weather poetry" by Robert W. Service, including all or portions of: -The Ballad of Blasphemous Bill -The Call of the Wild -The Cremation of Sam McGee -The Ballad of the Northern Lights He also reads "The Frozen Maid" (apparently not Service and uncredited) and another bit of unnamed verse about the glories of drink. Shep does not credit Service either, in this particular reading of his work.
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Mitch Stone
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