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Boy Scout Camp
Airdate: Thursday - June 18, 1964

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Did I hear right there, did I hear Ed Petit say. . .
Show Description
"Did I hear Ed Petit say there is nobody happier than a boy going to camp?" Shep say going to camp is fun in theory, but in practice it's a lot of poison ivy and snakes. He compares it to New York where you se pictures of the city at dusk and people running on the beaches. The never show the guy at 4:00 in the morning driving around the block looking for a parking space in a 1958 Ford. Life is difficult in New York. Just getting a note in your mailbox that there is a package for you at the post office. This means you have to take two weeks off having to find the post office and then being turned away because you don't have the right identification. Shep talks about inflatable girls. Are there going to be inflatable men? He tells about how he predicted this back in his early days during one of his all night shows. Shep tells the story of how he go to go to Scout Camp when he was 12. There was a contest in scouts during the annual jamboree. The three scouts that tied the best knot, built the best canoe, etc. would get to go. Shep displayed his two tube receiver that he had build and it was a hit, so he was selected to go. The list of stuff he needs to take with him comes in the mail and the family goes into hock getting this stuff together. Waterproof match box, Ax, mattress ticks, duffle bag, and more. Going seems like fun, but actually getting on the bus to leave is a deteriorating experience. "I'm about to go to camp with everybody who hit me!" It seems like everybody knows each other and he's the only stranger. Two weeks of unadulterated torture!"
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[jim] Goldindex dates this as 6/21/64 - Shep did not do a Sunday show in 1964 FHC has this dated 6-18-64
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By: Jim Clavin
Rating: Not Rated
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