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Transmitter Maintenance, Old Geography Book
Airdate: Wednesday - February 4, 1976

WOR Show

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Giving thanks to the hard working guys who do all the thankless jobs. This leads into a long bit about buffers, grids, oscillators and other radio issues. Tasting batteries Bought an 1871 geography book for the 4th and 5th grades. He describes some of the maps in the book, Florida in particular, where many cities did not even exist yet. There was no Miami. He also has a Science book from 1900 which he picked up in Maine. It was interesting to see how much we take for granted is not even in the book because it didn't exist. Coal was the energy of focus back then. Shep remembers studying oil in school and the teacher saying how the supplies are so vast we'll never run out. You can replace that rectifier, but not the oil
Speaking of wandering signals this is WOR
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Jim Clavin
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Additional Notes: [Jim] Date Conflicts: 2-3-76 Reporter with lion Tamer 2-4-76 Transmitter Maint, Old Geography Book 2-4-76 Wed M-0x42 Lion Tamer Looks like the 2-4-76 Lion Tamer is the syndicated version of the 2-3-76 show - commercials cut but why the date diff? FHC has a 2-4-76 show called Gas which is the 2-11-76 show Out of Gas in the Lincoln Tunnel [Max] Because somebody screwed up - I have the original running sheet for this one. "Lion Tamer" is dated Tuesday, 2/3/76 (originally broadcast 4/18/75). Just noticed another sheet of paper in here - full synd # is M-0142, also says 1/23/78 Not same show as 4-26-76 or 9-12-73
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