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Turnpike People, Turnpike Legends
Rerun Date: Wednesday - January 14, 1976

WOR Show
WOR Rerun

First Line After Theme Ends
I've been sitting around here trying to figure out just what we're going to be called in future histories . . .
Show Description
The Turnpike people vs Legends of the Sea Shep tells of his own experiences driving on the New Jersey Turnpike. A car passes him doing 135 mph with police in pursuit. They get off the same exit but the car disappears. The toll collector never saw it, and there was no other way to get off. Once he got stopped in the fast lane due to congestion. He looks in the rear view mirror and a VW is barreling down behind him, the driver busy talking and not paying attention to the road. Just as the guy comes up behind Shep the right lane moves forward and Shep veers over. The VW rams right into the back of the car that was ahead of Shep. Another time he is driving behind a large motor home. The back door is open and the convertible couch is falling out. He pulls up on the side of the motor home and begins honking his horn and motioning to the driver. The driver keeps ignoring Shep thinking he was some kind of nut. Shep pulls off into a rest stop to gas up. He gets back on the road and after a few minutes sees a commotion on the road ahead. There are a couple of police cars stopped alongside a busted up couch in the middle of the highway.
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By: Jim Clavin
Date: 08-01-2005
Rating: Not Rated
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