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You Can Never Tell
Airdate: Monday - November 18, 1963

WOR Show
Original Airing

Last Update: 11-18-2011

First Line After Theme Ends
Let's go man, let's go. . . [to Ragtime Cowboy Joe]
Show Description
"This is going to be a very profound night" Shep spends most of the show running from one song to another, sometimes singing to the music, sometimes playing to it, and sometimes singing with no music - "Shiek of Araby". The music runs from "Ragtime Cowboy Joe to the Okeh Laugh Record and in some cases he just plucks at a guitar (?). Shep will support the "Red Cabbage Drive" He mimics an old radio show his mother used to listen to and askes if anyone remembers it. Tells about dating a girl and it took 3 weeks to get her into the car instead of riding on the running boards. Then he gets a flat, she gets cold feet and is back out on the running boards again. IBM introduces a most significant change in punch cards. They will sport round corners instead of the traditional square corners. Preparing for the Christmas season. Only 30 more shopping days according to John Gambling. UCLA - A new course titled "Sensativity Training". Shep mocks a news report from one of the classes. Talks about the play "Banquet For The Moon" in which he played Mephistopheles. He recounts some of the dialog and mentions how he threw a pinch of salt over his shoulder for luck in one scene which the audience thought a humorous thing for the devil to be doing. "You never can tell!" The mysterious patchwork quilt
Shep addresses Walt right before the Buick commercial. (Pre-recorded from another time) He mentions he will be appearing at Rutgers on Friday. It is unknown if this show happened due to the Kennedy Assasination that day.
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Engineer and Staff in Booth Summary/Rating Credit Instruments Played
By: Jim Clain
Rating: Not Rated
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