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Barry Farber Show
Airdate: Wednesday - June 25, 1975

Radio Guest

Show Description
Reliving dreams, introspective writing. Shep talks about writing and reading. One of the first books he read was "Giants in the Earth" Tells how Playboy editor wanted his to write a story about War, but not an army story. He wrote the story as "Grover Dill and the Tasmanian Devil" - a war between kids. Barry mentions one of his favorite stories is about a bathmat. - ( 1-14-66 Show - "Guinness Records and the Obscene Bath Mat") They talk about listeners and hearing the show from places like Italy and Guadal Canal. Shep tells about a letter he received from a woman named Gladys who moved to Maine. Unable to hear the show on her radio, she discovered she could get it on her car radio if she drove to a local mountaintop. Every night she secretly went there to listen -until the police arrested her and her husband, who had no idea she was doing this, had to come and bail her out. Shep and Barry discuss Shep's trip to the Amazon, sponsored by Luden's Candy. Barry won a load of Luden's candy during a luncheon, which was to be donated to the charity of his choice. He jokingly said he wanted to send it to a tribe in the Amazon. They asked if he would go along to deliver it, but let Shep go on his behalf. (Shep came back and did a series of shows talking about his experiences - September 16, 17, 18, 20, and 23 1965.)
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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