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Motels (Repeat)
Airdate: Wednesday - November 28, 1973

WOR Show

Last Update: 10-26-2019

Fan Description
[ Courtesy: Pete Delaney - 10-26-2019 ] Traveler's Malaise Holiday Inn, Troy NY Travelers and Tourists are 2 different things Uniformity of every Holiday Inn in the USA Home is where the hotel key resides Shep predicts that by 2000 more people will live in RVs then in houses How to buy a Coca Cola in a motel 1.Buy 2 cans iof Coke 2. Put Ice cubes in your pockets 3.Return to room 4. Rinse Ice cubes 5.Place cans and ice cubes in bucket Shep watches "THE CROWD ROARS" on the motel TV a gritty realistic 1932 movie about auto racing with a great performance by James Cagney A syndy version of a 1972 show I called "Motels. Relay Station of the American Traveler'


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