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Fu Man Chu, Smell-O-Rama, Sight of Sleep Phobia
Airdate: Thursday - October 12, 1972

WOR Show

Show Description
Excerpts from an article on "Sight of Sleep Phobia" from a London publication. New fad stated in the village - pacifiers. Shep describes a momentary movie fad, Smell-O-Vision! The theory that at seven years old we are set in our ways. Sheps father a fan of "Fu Man Chui" books. Jersey images, marching forward in spite of the obvious facts.
Poor slobs, which reminds me, this is WOR New York, of course, the big time, . . .
Marcus Jewelry American Motors with Tex Ritter
General Tire
House of Chan
Lufthansa Airlines
None Listed
Needs to be ID'd
Strange music, sounds like it is from 'Forbidden Planet'
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Ken Applegate
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