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One of Them Beats
Airdate: Monday - February 27, 1961

WOR Show
Original Airing

Show Description
Reading the obits, man dies and when they open the safe deposit box at the bank, he has 3,000 golf score cards from 3,000 different golf courses. An ad for "guaranteed memorials". His friend Frank kept a note book of all the restaurants he ever ate in. He would color code the entries if it was good or bad. He could recite any given date where he ate and what he ate. Prexy's commercial - the native American food, hot dogs and hamburgers. "When I was in collage there were 4,000 other hamburgers with me" Go into the new Prexy's on Saturday and say quietly "Excelsior" and you will get a strawberry short cake with soft ice cream - on the house. Native customs - tourists from India writing home about observations they make of New York natives. Celebrity photos hanging on walls of establishments. "To Fred, the greatest barber in Manhatten - Steverino" (Steve Allen). A native Manhattan tradition. The big Apple. What kind of an apple is Manhattan? A Macintosh, a Golden Delicious? An odd thing, this business of time. Shep discusses the odd feeling of his recently changed time slot (Weekdays, 11:15pm to Midnight - He had been on Saturday and Sunday afternoons.) "It was like returning to something that you haven't eaten for a long time but you vaguely remember that you liked and suddenly you're having it again and it tastes even better than you thought it tasted" If he ever had a bar or grill he would line the wall with pictures of unknown people. "Keep your knees loose and your fanny down"
Fan Description
[ Courtesy: David Goldin - ] The Jean Shepherd Show. February 27, 1961. WOR, New York City. Participating sponsors. Native rights, a lady cab driver, a beatnik asks for "vanilla," a Manhattan tradition, three thousand golf scores, a matter of time.


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By: Jim Clavin
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