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The Camel and The Coat
Airdate: Wednesday - January 6, 1971

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The lint that gathers in your naval - Grubble Edgar Kennedy - 'the slow burn' In Americus, Indiana, a kid comes home from a basketball game one night and finds a dead camel on the front lawn. The kid tells his father who accuses him of drinking and gets sent to bed. The next morning there was still a dead camel on the front lawn. "The Art of Head Thumping" - Shep demonstrates his head thumping expertise to the music of The Smith Street Society Jazz Band. Shep tells about his own experience with a camel. Coming home through the back alley that ran behind the houses, Shep discovers that in one of the garages is a camel which belongs to a magician. He starts feeding it the leftover peanut butter and jelly sandwich he had for lunch every day. After several months, one day he eats his whole sandwich and comes by empty handed. The camel is not amused and takes a big bite out of his new sheepskin coat. Shep's mother accuses him of lying when he tells her how the camel bit his coat, so he blames it on Flick. She sticks a bar of soap in Shep's mouth and calls Flick's mother. (See notes)
Soap in mouth: This basic concept was used in A Christmas Story. In stead of getting the soap in the mouth for lying, it was because of the cursing. The phone call is made to Schwartz's mother instead of Flick's. This story was previously told at the Limelight during the 2nd hour of the June 11, 1966 show. This show was also listed with a 1-16-71 date.
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Engineer and others in Booth
By: Jim Clavin
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Rating: Not Rated
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