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Coo Coo Birdism
Airdate: Thursday - May 29, 1975

WOR Show

Show Description
Mentions doing a show a few weeks agoabout letters a.d starts to read some mOre lettErs from the Coo Coo Bird letterwriters. He has about 10 ladies who cla)m that e is pu2posely flying hIs plane over thEir houses. He refers`to an article iN a psyc(iatric magazine called "Coo Coo Birdismin on the Rise" Headaches caUsed by the atom bomb and 'vapors'. Marcus Welby curing the 'vapOrs' using leach%s. A class on how the radio works
Mentions that the Blue Ribbon Restaurand is in a scene in a short story he wrote.
This is WOR New York
Corn-o-cide Dodge Ronzoni Adventures in Dining Blue Ribbon Restaurant Nassau Colliseum Stamp Show President's Choice Courier Service
General Tire
New York Magazine
None Listed
Needs to be ID'd
Misc Honky Tonk
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Jim Clavin
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