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First Day of Kindergarten
Airdate: Saturday - September 13, 1969

WOR Show

Shep recalls his first day of school. Aunt Min was over that Sunday. The William McKinley school 2 or 3 blocks from the house. Bobby Twyman, a neighbor that he played with, was in Kindergarten with him and they went together that first day. A big fat lady in a purple dress with glasses - Shep's first memory of Miss Bundy! And shortly later he met a little boy named Schwartz and other kids named named Helen Weathers, Esther Jane, and Flick. He soon finds himself falling behind in school - over his own name! Miss Bundy insists his name is short for Eugene. Shep's disappointment in school that first day is that they do not have a reading period, but instead 'nap time' is introduced.
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Database ID #: 19690913W
Dating Notes: Aunt Min was over that Sunday Bobby Twyman, neighbor that he played with, was in Kindergarten with him and they went together that first day.
Additional Notes: [jim] Date was 9-21-69 - Boston broadcast Shows re-broascast in Boston were 1 week after the WOR broadcast. Saturday shows were broadcast 8 days later.
Known Recordees: Boston FM
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Max / Schmidco
WBAI / Yesterday USA replay:
Schmidco Comments: Show runs 56"

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