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Full Moon - Nut Call Night
Airdate: Thursday - August 12, 1965

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"It's a dangerous night - did you see that moon out there? That is the biggest, Phoniest, rottenest, looking moon I've seen in a long time. It's nut call night!" Conflicting letters from fans about the style of his shows having 'no subject matter' A Captain at one of the precincts tells Shep "The switchboard begins to quiver about three days before a full moon." The moon in New York City The moon as a kid. "Ode de Meat Loaf" - the perfume his mother used Getting in the car and taking a ride under the full moon "I shot the moon" - Shep shoots 2 BBs at the moon and takes credit for it. Walking bridges. Shep tells about walking across the suspension bridge between Cincinnatti and Kentucky at 2 o'clock in the morning. Off in the distance he sees a lone figure walking when suddenly the person climbs the railing - then over and down.
Miller Beer
Moonlight and Roses
Shiek of Araby (1)
Engineer and others in Booth
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Jim Clavin
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