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Never Mentioned
Airdate: Friday - September 13, 1963

WOR Show

Last Update: 02-03-2008

First Line After Theme Ends
(strumming guitar) Folks, I'd like to do something here that my old pappy used to do years ago when I was a boy... (Theme missing - may not be true 1st line) 
Hayseed Shep "Things aren't getting any better blues" Hip school artists News report UPI softball game report that went on for 400 innings Nuttiness in the mid western competitions Our disposable society creates dumps People dumps, we call them retirement communities Insurance against getting stuck with your elderly parents The latest fad from Denver, boys combing their hair like girls The dilemma of answering certain questions like, how does it feel to be a woman?
Jean seems to rather successfully have predicted an end to Worlds Fairs!
Speaking of scared ones this is WOR AM & FM New York
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Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
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Ken Applegate
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Database ID #: 19630913W
Dating Notes:
Additional Notes: The recordee cut the opening theme and perhaps some dialog. This was one of the ebay shows bought by Gary Hines.
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Max / Schmidco
WBAI / Yesterday USA replay: NONE
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References: Jean Shepherd Show_-_Volume 04_75_08-18-10\1963-09-13_Never_Mentioned.mp3

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  Alan Kalish
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Gary Hines   eBay purchase

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