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Worm Ranching
Airdate: Monday - April 21, 1975

WOR Show

Last Update: 01-30-2009

Show Description
Help wanted ads What radio program was based on a door to door salesman? (Shep gives no answer, but it was The Al Pearce and His Gang Show) Selling a TV station cheap. Shep reveals his rare collection of crap. Genuine LBJ cow turds. Salt shaker with Barry Goldwater and Alvin Barkley on the pepper shaker. JFK Straw Skimmer Hat that sez 'All the way with JFK!' Shep confesses a regret Shep the Worm Wrangler
Speaking of deep thinking concerns this is WOR in New York
Westbury Music fair Buddy Hackett/Eddie Fisher Show available at ticketron . Peter Lynn Hayes & Mary Heally for FINNAIR
Madison Square Garden
National Airlines
None Listed
Needs to be ID'd
Some of These Days
Engineer and others in Booth
Not Rated
Summary By
Ken Applegate / Max Schmid
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