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Scientific Proof of Harmful Effects
Airdate: January 7, 1971
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Shep starts the show singing along to the tune of "In the Good Old Summertime" with his own lyrics plugging upcoming TV appearances on Steve Allen, Mike Douglas, Dick Cavett, and the Tonight Show, along with mention of his new record, (The Declassified Jean Shepherd) and TV show (Jean Shepherd's America). "We are in a global game of Monopoly" Harmful effects: Weaverville, Calif. - People who hate sonic booms are sending in $1.00 to the Trinity County Sheriff Tom Kelly so he can buy a jet fighter to help round up the offenders. People believe they are the most important thing in their universe. Around 1900 people wanted to ban radio because they felt the radio waves would cause harm. They felt it would affect the marrow in their bones. In the mid 1920's people wanted to ban airplanes because the sound would reverberate and kill livestock. Another group of people felt people would die from the pollution. Mid 20's - 30's - Due to the increasing popularity of cross country driving in autos people feared the extended vibrations while sitting in the car would cause sterility in women and miscarriages. In the late 40's and 50's people feared getting bad eyesight and cancer from sitting too close to the TV. 

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WBAI Airdate: 3/4/03; 1/7/17