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Success Through Spells
Airdate: November 8, 1965
Show Description
Tonights show is about success. Shep sings "If I had the Wings of an Angel" Life Magazine add for nylon zippers. Don't let your zipper stand in your way to success. The nylon zipper doesn't shine the the metal ones! "Stink Out" - the magic blue gargle.Shep does a mock commercial for "Stink Out" with the magic blue oscillating bubbles. "It ain't what you know - it's who you know." Shep tells about how his father sits at the table moaning about being passed over for a promotion. Magical, mystical spells. Shep reads ad for a revealing book of magic spells that give you mystical powers instantly. The magic twig. Shep fantasizes that He is put in charge of WOR, then the the 'Magic Twig' is stolen by a counter spell and the bubble is burst! 
Matt is engineer Shep notes that he worked at Flick's Tavern cleaning up and cooking the fish on Fridays. 

Type of Show
WOR Show
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Garden State Racetrack
Happiness Chinese Restaurant
Miller Beer
Rover 2000
Ballet Mecanique
? Beethoven's 5th Symphony
First Film Music
Engineer and others in Booth
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Jim Clavin
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WBAI Airdate: 5/13/03