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Summer Festivals and the Whoopie Instinct
Airdate: July 28, 1965
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On this show Shep talks about summer festivals across the country like the Bratwurst Festival in Sheboygan Wisconsin and recounts his own family trek to the Tulip Festival in Holland Michigan. Other subjects touched upon: Shep played the part of tooth decay in his elementary school play. "The school was built from balsa wood and silly putty" He also asked two trivia questions on the show: What metal badge or medallion was given out by a major gas company to be put on license plates? What soft drink company used a ladies leg with a high heel shoe and stocking? (Nehi) 
"I made my debut in show biz in an oral hygiene pageant. I played Bad Breath. No, no, Im wrong! Im just being rotten here. Actually, what I played was Decayed Tooth. They had me all dressed up in a Decayed Tooth costume. Dawn Strickland played a toothbrush, Jack Robinson played a squeezed tube of toothpaste, and Alex Joshaway played Mouthwash. Ill never forget it. The lavish reviews came out the day after in the Warren G. Harding Schools Daily Bugle." [Gene Bergmann] The Nehi ladies leg with a high heel shoe and stocking was the inspiration for the leg lamp 

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