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Salute to Trouble
Airdate: April 21, 1965
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Exploding cigars and the gosh commercial as a pop art medium. 3 or 4 years ago Shep predicted people would pattern their behavior on people of the past. One of the games in reading a tabloid newspaper is finding the news amongst all the Alexander ads for girdles. Decisive people. What if "Lefty", the new guy at the WOR sales meeting one day pulls out a blue steel roscoe and starts waving it around and proclaims that all the big accounts are now his and he's in charge. Shep's friend Joe who started in the mail room of a radio station in now one of the 7 most important guys in the industry. When asked about his success, he tells Shep that 999,999 people out of a million have no ideas about anything. And the other person also has no ideas but doesn't let anyoner know. He's decisive, so everyone follows his lead. How many times is brass confused with talent? Obnoxiousness confused with talent. The number of truly talented people is almost non-existent. You can watch a whole week of television and not see a talented person. Mediocrity: The writer who was so good, that 10 days after coming up with 7 great ideas, was out. The mediocre writing team rejected the writer who was so good. The fear of ideas. 
Don is engineer Ideophobia- Fear of ideas. 

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First National Health Agncy
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WBAI Airdate: 4/29/03