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April 26th in Shep History

1959 Television Steve Allen Show

1959 Radio Monster Feet and Style

1963 Radio Popping the Cork

1965 Radio Kids and Adults as subjects for study

1972 Radio Trivia, Shep's Style of Hockey

1973 Radio Charlie Chan And The Hindenburgh

1976 Radio Contemporary Culture 1850 Textbook - Old and New Ignorance

1980 Live Shows Dayton Amateur Radio Association

1989 Live Shows M.I.T.

2005 Books Adaptations:

2009 Books How Do You Know?:

Recent News
February 13, 2014

The Hunting of the Snark
as read by Jean Shepherd
Thanks to David Director and David Singer, Shep's reading of Lewis Carrolls "The Hunting of the Snark" has come to light for Shep fans to hear. Follow the link 'continued on next page. . .' to hear the January 29, 1963 show.
  Continued. . .
January 16, 2014

"Destry Rides Again"
St. John Terrell's Lambertville Music Circus
In 1961 Shep performed in "Destry Rides Again" at the Lambertville Music Circus. The show played only a few weeks because the Music Circus has a long line-up of performers and performances that rotated through the big tent (Yes, tent!) over the years. Check out the website created by Jon Case, who worked both on stage and behind the scenes back in the 60s.
>>> Lambertville Music Circus website. . . <<<
January 5, 2014

Free 1926 Sears Prefab House
Just haul it away!
Located in Arlington, VA, this 960 square foot house can be all yours. Shep fans will recall this type of house being one of the sub-plots in "Phantom of the Open Hearth"
>>> USA Today website. . . <<<
November 23, 2013

Jean Shepherd reflects on Kennedy
After a long, sad weekend following the assassination of John F Kennedy on Nov 22, 1963, Jean Shepherd took to the airwaves for his first show back on Monday Nov 25 with a somber, reflective program. For the entire week he declined to play his jaunty theme song, and took several days to discuss the American scene and mood. Thanks largely to Shep fan Jean Tepper, we have three of these programs that were taped from FM over the air at the time of broadcast. The first show is actually a composite of three different recordings, starting with a very poor copy which was the most complete, tagging on a bit more from a slightly better recording, then the bulk of the show is from the very nice sounding copy from Jean Tepper. The other two recordings are flawed due to signal interference that comes and goes throughout the broadcast, but despite the whistling and hooning, Shep's words come through. Two of these programs have been aired in the past over WBAI, the third has never been replayed as far as I can recall. During the coming week you will get a chance to hear them all on the radio or on the web. The first show from Monday Nov 25, 1963 will be played on the Saturday morning show on The Thanksgiving show "Shadows and Haiku" will be aired on WBAI on Sunday evening. At some point during the week I will upload the third show to Mixcloud - this show was from either Tuesday or Wednesday of that week, and I call it "The Ugly American". I hope you will listen. (If you miss these, they will be archived here in the "Max Schmid presents Jean Shepherd" section)
>>> Mass Backwards. . . <<<
November 22, 2013

NPR plays Shep's eulogy to JFK
interview with Eugene B Bergmann
On November 25th many NPR stations will be playing Jean Shepherd's November 25th 1963 show on which he talks about Kennedy and politics in general. How they affect our lives. Gene talks about the effect that the assassination had on Shep Shep did not play his usual theme song at the start or finish of his show for the entire week out of respect and spent the week doing shows related to the subject.
>>> PRX website. . . <<<


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: April 22, 2017
First Earth Day
Airdate: April 22, 1970

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