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November 25th in Shep History

1960 Television Inside Jean Shepherd

1963 Radio Kennedy Assassination

1965 Radio Thanksgiving Day

1966 Radio Jean Shepherd

1967 Radio Boredom in the Army / USO Pass

1969 Radio Trapped in the John

1971 Radio Controls of the Universe, Alligator in Swamp, Obscene Phone Number

1972 Radio Fired at the A&P

1974 Radio Trains and Railroads

1975 Radio Mediocrity, Pet Rocks

1976 Radio Herds of Turkeys

2006 Facts Opening of the "A Christmas Story House" in Cleveland

Recent News
July 4, 2015

The Return of Ludlow Kissel
by John M Whalen
It's that time of year again. Every Fourth of July I bring back this blog I wrote back in 2012, which extols the virtues of Mr. Jean Shepherd and his famous story of Ludlow Kissell and the Dago Bomb that struck back.
>>> Read John's full story <<<
February 5 2015

Admiral of the Orange Seas
Shep used to sing a Nedicks jingle from time to time and there was an actual contest held by WOR (Shep) and Nedicks. The winner was Barry Buhler - the "Bayside Baron" and was presented his award at the Nidicks near Times Square.
  More on Nedicks
January 16, 2015

Wanda Hickey booksigning
Morristown NJ
Dave Somers sent in copies of his autographed copy of Wanda Hickey and the article from the local paper. Shep dedicated the signing to his mom, Pat, for her birthday.
  More on the booksigning. . .
December 18, 2014

A Christmas Story
Cinefix - 8 Bit Cinema
Cinefix answers the question: What if 'A Christmas Story' was an 8-bit video game?
>>> Watch it here . . . <<<
November 23, 2014

"Channel Cat in the Middle Distance"
Long lost documentary
Back in 1966, when Jonathan Sanger was a graduate student at the University of Pennsylvania's Annenberg School of Communications, he made a film with his classmate Al Tedesco, called Channel Cat in the Middle Distance. Thanks to Jonathan who preserved the 16mm film and has since digitized it, we are able to see some very rare footage of Shep at work and play.
  More on the documentary. . .


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: November 07, 2015
TV Set Dies; Allied Catalog
Airdate: November 6, 1967

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Notes 11-23-2015

May 2, 1961
Jack Parr Show
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June 4, 1976
Live Shows
Princeton University
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December 5, 1976
Live Shows
Fairleigh Dickinson
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Gravy Boat Riot
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March 2, 1988
Business Ventures
Pholly, Inc
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May 4, 1991
Live Shows
Wilmington College
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February 23, 1973
Live Shows
Newark State College
Notes 11-22-2015

Business Ventures
Staggerwing Productions
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