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November 1st in Shep History

1956 Article

1956 Live Shows CCNY

1958 Radio Shep's Neolithic Period

1961 Radio Aborigines, Track Star

1962 Radio Mr Shepherd is Live

1963 Radio Thurston's Manatee & Camel

1965 Radio Folk Tales of the American Road

1966 Radio Jean Shepherd

1969 Live Shows University of Missouri - Columbia

1971 Radio Life / Brain Waves

1972 Radio Litigious Sports Fans, The Reverse Of Astrology

1973 Radio Why Man Hangs In

1974 Radio TV

1975 Live Shows YM-YWHA

1976 Radio Polls amd Spectators

1981 Radio NPR - All Things Considered - "New Jersey, The Strage and Provocative (2:25)

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July 30, 2014

More Never Before Heard Shep Audio
Recorded for syndication and never broadcast
Mr FAT-W (Films Around The World) has released 12 new Jean Shepherd shows never before released. These are available as 12 single audio CDs @ $14.99 each.
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July 26, 2014

Happy Birthday Shep!
Shep would be 93 years old today. It's been 37 years since his last WOR show on April 1, 1977 and 59 years since he first started on WOR. Don't that make you feel old!
May 1, 2014
Anyone have the whole set?
The "Ronald Colman Gravy Boat"
One too many!
So what's the story behind this item? In "My Summer Story" one of the plot lines was about the "Great Gravy Boat Riot" Due to a delivery 'snafu' only gravy boats were being delivered to the theater each week and after a while everyone had way too many gravy boats and the women rebelled, throwing them at Leopold Doppler up on stage . A scene reminiscent of Alfred Hitchcock's "The Birds" attack scene. Were there actually Ronald Coleman gravy boats or were they made specifically for the movie? At least one of these has survived through the years and has shown up in a very unlikely place. . .
  Continued. . .
February 21, 2014

Shep Receiving Doctorate of Humane Letters at Indiana University in 1995
courtesy: Professor James Lane - Indiana Univerity and Nick Mantis
Here's a photo of Shep receiving his Doctorate of Humane Letters at Indiana University on May 15, 1995.
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February 17, 2014

From 1959 - "Clean H-Bomb - Ghosts of Gothic NY Architecture"
Early Shep
Thanks to Dan Fine, a 24 minute excerpt from one of Shep's Saturday or Sunday night shows in approx July 1959 has surface for all to enjoy. As usual, Shep covers a bunch of topics in a short time.
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Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: October 04, 2014
From the Edge of Nowhere
Airdate: August 20, 1965

"Worst Night - June 30, 1975"
"Rock Collector - July 7, 1975"
Thanks to Gary from California for the dates.
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November 19, 1963
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Monmouth College
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May 5, 1968
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Plainfield Library
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April 7, 1972
Live Shows
Carlton Theatre - Red Bank NJ
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May 11, 1986
Doctor of Letters
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November 9, 1972
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Jean Shepherd in Concert
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October 19, 1971
Betty Hughs and Her Friends
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June 6, 1975
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