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November 18th in Shep History

1962 Live Shows Syracuse University

1962 Television Hootenanny

1963 Radio You Can Never Tell

1964 Radio Whiners: One Born every Minute

1965 Radio Nose Flutes, Bad Books, and Radio Parts

1967 Radio Army Movies / Chow in the Mess Hall

1969 Radio Fleabag Memories

1974 Radio The Poetic GI

1975 Radio School Fight with Harold Dill

1976 Radio Telephobia

1978 Live Shows YM-YWHA

1983 Article Warm nostalgia colors comic 'Christmas Story'

1983 Article 'Christmas Story' is kiddie korn

1983 Article 'Christmas Story': bah, humbug

1983 Article Film: 'Christmas Story,' Indiana Tale

1983 Radio NPR - Christmas Story Kid Gets Wish At Christmas (4:30)

1983 Radio "Christmas Story" Kid Gets Wish at Xmas

1983 Movies A Christmas Story

1985 Live Shows Queens College

1982 Business Ventures Christmas Tree Films
Recent News
September 7, 2016

New Features
Cross - Referencing
Two new sections have been added and affect most of the pages on the website. These are "Plots / Story Lines" and "General Topics." The 'Plots / Story Lines' section covers where the various items were used- movies, books, columns, radio, etc. and the 'General Topics' section covers things that Shep would often talk about on his radio shows such as Baseball, Poetry, Og and Charlie, etc. The purpose here is to cross reference the uses of the various subjects across all the mediums Shep used. This is a massive project that is going to take quite some time, but it will contine to grow and inform daily.
January 20, 2016

Jean Shepherd's America
A copy of one of the 1971 (1st Season) episodes of Jean Shepherds America called "Trains" has surfaced and is posted on Youtube.
December 25, 2015

7 things you never knew about 'A Christmas Story', including a Jersey connection
By Marisa Iati - NJ Advance Media for
Steven Glazer spoke about the untold stories behind Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story" at the Cranford Community Center.
December 23, 2015

The Leg Lamp
by Steve Glazer
Steve Glazer has written an essay about Shep's use of the Leg Lamp and how it was conceived from advertisements for the Nehi company.
December 20, 2015

Bahn Frei! - The Story of Shep's Theme
by Steve Glazer
Steve Glazer has done some extensive research on the history of Eduard Strausses "Bahn Frei" and how it came about that Shep used it for his opening and closing theme.


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: July 23, 2017
Limelight - The Great Ice Cream Riot
Airdate: July 23, 1965

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Notes 09-11-2017

January 7, 1974
Recreating An Old Time Radio Show, Classic WOR Clip
Notes 09-3-2017

Orville Reddenbacher Gourmet Popcorn
Notes 09-3-2017

Notes 09-3-2017

Hollywood Bread
Notes 09-3-2017

Cheshire Academy
Notes 09-3-2017

October 27, 1973
Live Shows
Fordham University
Notes 08-30-2017

Notes 08-30-2017

N.Y. Nets
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