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April 26th in Shep History

1959 Television Steve Allen Show

1959 Radio Monster Feet and Style

1963 Radio Popping the Cork

1965 Radio Kids and Adults as subjects for study

1972 Radio Trivia, Shep's Style of Hockey

1973 Radio Charlie Chan And The Hindenburgh

1976 Radio Contemporary Culture 1850 Textbook - Old and New Ignorance

1980 Live Shows Dayton Amateur Radio Association

1989 Live Shows M.I.T.

2005 Books Adaptations:

2009 Books How Do You Know?:

Recent News
January 20, 2016

Jean Shepherd's America
A copy of one of the 1971 (1st Season) episodes of Jean Shepherds America called "Trains" has surfaced and is posted on Youtube.
  Jean Shepherd's America
>>> Youtube Video <<<
December 25, 2015

7 things you never knew about 'A Christmas Story', including a Jersey connection
By Marisa Iati - NJ Advance Media for
Steven Glazer spoke about the untold stories behind Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story" at the Cranford Community Center.
  Read Steve's essay about the Leg Lamp
>>> Link to article <<<
December 23, 2015

The Leg Lamp
by Steve Glazer
Steve Glazer has written an essay about Shep's use of the Leg Lamp and how it was conceived from advertisements for the Nehi company.
  Steve's essay
December 20, 2015

Bahn Frei! - The Story of Shep's Theme
by Steve Glazer
Steve Glazer has done some extensive research on the history of Eduard Strausses "Bahn Frei" and how it came about that Shep used it for his opening and closing theme.
  Steve's article
November 20, 2015

Jean Shepherd's "A Christmas Story"
The Truth Behind The Classic Movie
An Illustrated Lecture by Steven Glazer who explains many of the stories behind the Story.
  Time and Location. . .


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: April 22, 2017
First Earth Day
Airdate: April 22, 1970

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April 23, 1962
Piano Factory Job
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October 2, 1988
Live Shows
Conversations with Indiana Authors
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May 20, 1960
What's Bugging You?' Quips Jean Shepherd
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June 5, 1985
Late Night America
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May 15, 1959
U.S. Has No Monopoly on Idiocy, Says Jean (the Sorehead) Shepherd
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May 19, 1960
Students Hear N.Y. Commentator
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December 24, 1967
Convocation Series Speakers Are Scheduled At Earlham
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January 11, 1968
Earlham Speaker Tells Students of Man's Alienation
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