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November 23rd in Shep History

1958 Radio Full Sunday Show

1961 Radio Working Thanksgiving

1962 Radio Army Laurel and Hardy Moments

1964 Radio Shepherd doing a Sports Broadcast

1965 Article Prince Of The Night People Brings WORd To MHS Stage

1965 Radio Street Car Scene

1967 Radio Jean Shepherd

1968 Live Shows Fordham University

1971 Radio Harlem & Jazz

1972 Radio Thanksgiving in the Army

1973 Radio Racing Cockroaches

1983 Article 'Christmas Story' is no gift

1998 Article Frozen Tongues and BB Guns

2003 Article A Red Ryder Christmas

2006 Article A Hollywood House -- In Cleveland

2013 Awards Broadcast Pioneers of Philadelphia's "Hall of Fame"

Recent News
October 16, 2014

Remembering Shep
"I was this kid see. . ."
It has been 15 years since Jean Parker Shepherd passed away. He once said: "Can you imagine 4,000 years passing, and you're not even a memory? Think about it, friends. It's not just a possibility. It is a certainty." Only 3,985 more years to go! Thanks to the many fans who recorded his shows, we will be able to enjoy Shep's distinct voice and form of humor for many more years. Shep has the distiction of having succeeded in just about every form of medium in the entertainment business. Radio, TV, Records, Books, Magazines, Live Stand-up Performances, Off-Broadway Acting, and even Commercials were all in his portfolio.
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October 15, 2014

Author will be portrayed
Actor Bennett Ayers will portray noted writer and storyteller Jean Shepherd (1921-99), the author of "A Christmas Story," Saturday, Oct. 18, at 7 p.m. at the Lanier Mansion State Historic Site, Madison. Ayers will recount stories about Shepherd's childhood in Hammond, as well as his career in radio and as a writer, according to a press release.
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October 12, 2014

Jean Shepherd's FIRST wife
Thanks to Steve Glazer we now have confirmation of the longtime rumor of Shep's 1st marriage, (before Joan Warner, 1950). It was to a girl named Barbara Mattoon who was not only from Hammond but also worked at WJOB while Shep was there. This brings the total number of wives to 4. Barbar Mattoon (1947), Joan Warner (1950), Lois Nettleton (1960-67), and Leigh Brown (1977-98).
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October 11, 2014

Early Radio Station Jobs
It had been thought that Shep was on station WLEC in Sandusky Ohio for some time in 1948, but as it turns out that was the female singer Jean Shepherd. However, it has been discovered that he did spend time at two other stations in Toledo, Ohio. These were WTOD (1947-1951) and WSPD dates unknown. His time at WKRC had been confirmed to as late as April 27, 1949, about a month more that previously thought. Thanks to Steve Glazer
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September 4, 2014

2 "new" shows from 1975-76
Thanks to Al Holt, we have possibly 2 new shows added to the database. "Worst Night" from June 30, 1975 and "Rock Collector" from July 7, 1975 "Worst Night" is an army foxhole tale and Shep follows it with a story about cramming for a Chemistry test. "Rock Collector" deals with a story of a rock collector who has accumulated 60,000 pounds of assorted rocks followed by a tale of a fictitious Montreal Expos game where they score 1119 runs in one inning! Thanks to Gary in California for the dating. See "New Finds" to the right under "Audio Archives"


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: October 04, 2014
From the Edge of Nowhere
Airdate: August 20, 1965

"Worst Night - June 30, 1975"
"Rock Collector - July 7, 1975"
Thanks to Gary from California for the dates.
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Notes 11-20-2014

June 15, 1957
Concert at Lowes Sheridan Theatre
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June 6, 1974
The National Spelling Bee
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November 27, 1957
Live Shows
Carnegie Hall
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November 18, 1962
Live Shows
Syracuse University
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November 18, 1962
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February 14, 1972
Live Shows
Rider College
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October 15, 1981
Live Shows
Syracuse University
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November 23, 1983
'Christmas Story' is no gift
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