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June 24th in Shep History

1965 Radio First Summer Job - Surveying

1968 Radio More on World War II Planes

1975 Radio Internal Erotic Wiring

1976 Radio Derigables

2014 Shepfests "Shepfest 13"
Recent News
March 30, 2017

Shep at Drew University
According to Mark Adams who was there - "As I recall, the show started late afternoon and the bar was closed... just set up as a coffeehouse. I think that the crowd averaged 150-175 students and faculty with students coming and going to study. It felt very similar to the Limelight show that my parents took me to see in the mid 60s. My favorite part of the show is the Q&A session at the end. The obnoxiously loud whistling was my own. ;-)"
March 9, 2017

Leg Lamp For Sale
On Season 6 Episode 11 of AMC's Comic Book Men, a leglamp and crate is brought into the shop and sold for $650.
December 2016

The Man Behind the LEG LAMP
Jean Shepherd's Innovation Reflected His Crazy, Conflicted Genius
The December 2016 issue of Inventor's Digest contains a story about the famous Leg Lamp, it's inspiration and creation by Reid Creager.
December 7, 2016

The Making of A Christmas Story
by Sam Kashner
The Holiday Issue of Vanity Fair features a story about the making of A Christmas Story
September 7, 2016

New Features
Cross - Referencing
Two new sections have been added and affect most of the pages on the website. These are "Plots / Story Lines" and "General Topics." The 'Plots / Story Lines' section covers where the various items were used- movies, books, columns, radio, etc. and the 'General Topics' section covers things that Shep would often talk about on his radio shows such as Baseball, Poetry, Og and Charlie, etc. The purpose here is to cross reference the uses of the various subjects across all the mediums Shep used. This is a massive project that is going to take quite some time, but it will contine to grow and inform daily.


Listen to Shep Again
Replay Date: June 10, 2017
Starlings, Crazy Birds
Airdate: June 10, 1970

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On The Road
Notes 05-29-2017

July 19, 1956
Fracturing Jean Shepherd
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April 27, 1965
Want A Haircut At 3 A.M.? - It's Available In New York
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September 3, 1971
The Bill Smith Show
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July 10, 1975
Jean Shepherd Returns
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June 18, 1976
Live Shows
Purdue University
Notes 05-29-2017

July 31, 1984
Live Shows
Chautauqua Institution Lecture
Notes 05-29-2017

General Topics
That Great Inverted Bowl of Darkness
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